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CBSE class 12 previous year’s question paper for the subject mathematics is the very essential tool in the arsenal of students preparing for the Class… Read More
Definite Integrals are used to find areas of the complex curve, volumes of irregular shapes, and other things. Definite Integrals are defined by, let us… Read More
The last destination of the school – Class 12. If you wish to get into your dream college or university, this is the class where… Read More
Mean Value Theorems (MVT) are the basic theorem used in mathematics. They are used to solve various types of problems in Mathematics. Mean Value Theorem… Read More
Determinant of a Matrix is defined as the function that gives the unique output (real number) for every input value of the matrix. the scalar… Read More
Bayes’ Theorem is named after Reverend Thomas Bayes. It is a very important theorem in mathematics that is used to find the probability of an… Read More
Logarithmic differentiation helps to find the derivatives of complicated functions, using the concept of logarithmic. Sometimes finding the differentiation of the function is very tough… Read More
Functions are defined as the relations which give a particular output for a particular input value. A function has a domain and codomain (range). f(x)… Read More
Transpose of matrix is a very common method used for matrix transformation in linear algebra. Transpose of matrix is obtained by interchanging the rows and… Read More

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