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CBSE Class 11 Maths Revision Notes have been designed in the most basic and detailed format possible, covering nearly all domains such as differential calculus,… Read More
Sets are a well-defined collection of objects. Objects that a set contains are called the elements of the set. We can also consider sets as… Read More
We know how to formulate equations of different degree, and it is used a lot in real life, but the question arises, is it always… Read More
Polynomials are of different types out of which degree two polynomials are in the form ax2 + bx + c, a ≠ 0. When we… Read More
Geometric Progression (GP) is a specific type of progression or sequence, where each next term in the progression is produced by multiplying the previous term… Read More
Sandwich Theorem also called Sandwich Rule or Squeeze Theorem, is an important theorem in calculus involving limits and it is used to find the limit… Read More
Imaginary numbers are numbers as the name suggests are the number that is not real numbers. All the numbers real and imaginary come under the… Read More
Combination is a way of choosing items from a set, such as (unlike permutations) the order of selection doesn’t matter. In smaller cases, it’s possible… Read More
Compound Inequalities are the combination of two or more inequalities. These inequalities are combined using two conditions that are AND, and OR. These conditions have… Read More
Variance and Standard Deviation are the important measures used in Mathematics and Statics to find the meaning from a large set of data. The different… Read More
Mathematical induction is a concept in mathematics that is used to prove various mathematical statements and theorems. The principle of mathematical induction is sometimes referred… Read More