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Geometry is a discipline that includes the study of plane shapes or flat shapes. A plane shape is a two-dimensional shape that does not consist… Read More
While performing addition or subtraction between polynomials, we need to remember that we should add or subtract the terms having the same power. The power… Read More
A hexagon is a closed two-dimension geometrical shape. It has six sides of the same or different lengths, six vertices, and six interior angles. In… Read More
Triangle is a geometrical figure. It is a polygon with three sides (i.e., Three Vertices and Three edges) and sum of it’s internal angles in… Read More
In layman’s terms, statistics refers to the process of obtaining, classifying, examining, interpreting, and finally presenting facts in an accessible manner so that one may… Read More
Geometry is a branch of mathematics that involves the calculation of different parameters of plane shapes and solid shapes. In this article, we have discussed… Read More
Decimals are combinations of whole numbers and fractions together. The whole number and the fraction part are separated by a “.” symbol called decimal point.… Read More
Number system is one of the ways to represent numbers. Every number system has its own base or radix. For example, Binary, Octal, Decimal, and… Read More
The concept of absolute values comes under the parent topic- Algebra. It is one of the broad areas of mathematics. It deals with the study… Read More
In mathematics, exponents are used to representing a larger number in terms of power. It indicates how many times the base is multiplied by itself.… Read More
The concept of a 5 number summary is a way to describe a distribution using 5 numbers. This includes minimum number, quartile-1, median/quartile-2, quartile-3, and… Read More
Business organizations mainly work for the profit they earn. Profit is known as the excess of the revenue over the expenditure. A business organization that… Read More
Ellipse is a 2-dimensional shape. It is an integral part of the conic section. It is a curve on a plane in which the sum… Read More
Area is a quantity that tells us the scope of the region or shape in a two-dimensional plane. The SI unit of area is also… Read More
A fraction is a numeric value that defines as part of a whole. It is derived from the word ‘fractio’ means to break. It is… Read More

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