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Given a number N and the min and max range. Given N values of a and b respectively. The task is to count the number… Read More
Given four arrays of 3 numbers each which represents sides and angles of two triangles. The task is to check if the two triangles are… Read More
Given a railway seat number, the task is to check whether it is a valid seat number or not. Also print its berth type i.e… Read More
Given a very large number, the task is to write a program to compute its square.  Examples:   Input: 9999 Output: 99980001 9999*9999 = 99980001 Input: 45454545 Output: 2066115661157025 45454545*45454545… Read More
Given the side of a square. The task is to find the area of an inscribed circle in a square.Examples:   Input : a = 8… Read More
Given three numbers a, b and m where 1<=a, m<=10^6. Given very large ‘b’ containing up to 10^6 digits and m is a prime number,… Read More
Given an array of N integers. If a number occurs more than once, choose any number y from the array and replace the x in… Read More
Given a decimal number m, convert it into a binary string and apply n iterations, in each iteration 0 becomes “01” and 1 becomes “10”.… Read More
Given a circular sheet of radius R and the task is to find the total number of rectangles with integral length and width that can… Read More
Given a string S and an integer K. The task is to form a string T such that the string T is a reordering of… Read More
Given a sequence of N elements, only three operations can be performed on any element at most one time. The operations are:  Add one to… Read More
Given an ellipse with a semi-major axis of length a and semi-minor axis of length b. The task is to find the area of an… Read More
std::hermite is based on the hermite polynomial function given by: After solving the Hermite’s Polynomial, the results come out to be like the following table:… Read More
Our task is to design a Data Structure SpecialStack that supports all the stack operations like push(), pop(), isEmpty(), isFull() and an additional operation getMin()… Read More
Given a positive integer L which represents the number of levels in a perfect binary tree. Given that the leaf nodes in this perfect binary… Read More

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