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Given a positive integer . The task is to represent it as a sum of the maximum possible number of prime numbers. (N > 1)Examples:   Input… Read More
Given a graph with n nodes and m edges. Find the maximum possible number of nodes which are not part of any edge (m will… Read More
Given four integers a, b, c, d ( upto 10^6 ). The task is to Find the number of solutions for x < y, where… Read More
Given the height of an isosceles triangle and two integers , . The task is to find the height from top of the triangle such that if we make… Read More
We are given a number N. The task is to find the count of numbers which have N digits and odd number of zeroes. Note: The… Read More
Given one side of right angle triangle, check if there exists a right angle triangle possible with any other two sides of the triangle. If… Read More
Given a binary string composed of 0’s and 1’s. The task is to find the number of unique permutation of the string which starts with… Read More
Let an be a sequence of numbers, which is defined by the recurrence relation a1=1 and an+1/an=2n. The task is to find the value of… Read More
Given a value of cos(Θ) and a variable . The task is to find the value of cos(nΘ) using property of trigonometric functions.Note: n <= 15.Examples:  … Read More
Given N number of vertices of a Graph. The task is to find the total number of edges possible in a complete graph of N… Read More
Give a complete graph with N-vertices. The task is to find out the maximum number of edge-disjoint spanning tree possible.Edge-disjoint Spanning Tree is a spanning… Read More
Given N points on the plane, ( X1, Y1 ), ( X2, Y2 ), ( X3, Y3 ), ……, ( XN, YN ). The task… Read More
Given a square piece and a total number of cuts available n, Find out the maximum number of rectangular or square pieces of equal size… Read More
Given the Length and Speed of the train and the time takes by the train to passes the bridge or tunnel, the task is to… Read More
Given N, the number of persons. The task is to arrange N person around a circular table.Examples:   Input: N = 4 Output: 6 Input: N… Read More

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