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CODING ROUND (1 HR):  2 QUESTIONS  2D ARRAY PROBLEM TREES INTERVIEW: ROUND 1 (TR) (45 MINS) : Introduction DSA Questions:  Stack Using Queue  & Trees… Read More
Recently MASTERCARD visited our campus for SDE intern recruitment and below is my experience 🙂 There were overall 3 rounds conducted.  Online Coding Test. Technical… Read More
Round 1: Coding round: Two questions were asked: Question 1: Read input from STDIN and check if that string is a pangram or not. Here… Read More
There were 3 panels of interviewers, in my panel, there was a vice president of mastercard, rahul naik sir. Questions asked : About my java… Read More
Round 1 Technical (1 hour): What is Hibernate and how does it work? Why procedures and functions written in SQL are faster than functions written… Read More
My interview experience with MasterCard summer intern | on campus | for summer 2022 Round 1(Coding Round): There were two coding questions. Given a binary… Read More
The Hiring of Mastercard AI was done in two stages: 1. Online Test 2. Interview Online Test: Platform: Techgig(webcam enabled, tab switch not allowed, the… Read More
Below is my interview experience with Mastercard India as a software development intern. First Round: First, there was an online round on TechGig Platform where… Read More
Mastercard came to our campus this mid-August (2020) virtually. There were a total of 2 Rounds, Coding Round followed by Technical + HR common Interview… Read More
Mastercard visited our college in August 2020. There were total 3 rounds of evaluation.  Coding Test : Coding round consists of 2 questions , one… Read More
Round 1: CODING ROUND – 200 MARKS Basic String Manipulation (100 marks)-easy  Knapsack variation (DP) (100 marks)-difficult. Around 80 students were selected for the Technical… Read More
Criteria:  10th & 12th -75% 7.5 CGPA No YD, No active Backlog Education break should not exceed 24 months Day 1: PPT (10:30 AM –… Read More

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