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The whole process was online. 27 students were shortlisted for the Interview. 10 got selected. Round 1: Online Assessment It was a written round consisting… Read More
It was completely online over zoom calls. 36 students were selected for the interview. 7 selected. Round 1 (Written): It was a written round consisting… Read More
MakeMyTrip came to VIT, Vellore for its campus hiring in 2021 August. The complete process was virtual due to pandemics. There were 3 F2F interview… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): The first round was an online test. It had a about 20 MCQs based on OOPs, DBMS SQL etc. Also, there was… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, the task is to segregate even and odd numbers. Print all even numbers first, and then odd numbers.… Read More
Status: New grad, BE COE Tier-1 College Position: SDE at MMT Location: Gurgaon / Bangalore Date: August , 2020 Round 1 : Online Assessment on… Read More
The process consisted of 4 rounds. Aptitude test Technical round 1 Technical round 2 HR round First-round Aptitude test (2 Coding questions + 20 MCQs):… Read More
Given a pair of coordinates (X1, Y1)(source) and (X2, Y2)(destination), the task is to check if it is possible to reach the destination form the… Read More
MakeMyTrip visited our Campus for Full-time roles and the whole recruitment process was done virtually due to COVID-19.  The process consists of 4 rounds: Online… Read More
Current Experience: 3 Years.Profile: Senior Software Engineer | Android The interviewer was so laid back that I became unsure if I wanted to join the… Read More
Round 1: Questions on handling Race conditions while read/write to db, discussion on master-slave architecture. Word break Problem (solved using Trie). Round 2: Question on… Read More
I applied to MakeMyTrip (MMT) through referrals from one of my friend who worked there. I had one and eight months experience prior to this… Read More
Round 1: (Online test) Online test was conducted 3 days before company visit. This round contained 30 MCQ’S on Data Structures (especially on graphs) and… Read More
Round 1 (Online Coding): This round happened two days before MMT visited our college. There were 3 different sets and it was held on HackerEarth. There… Read More
  MakeMyTrip came to our campus BIT Mesra on 12th August, 2019. First round was a coding round. 2 questions (one of 100 marks and… Read More