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The virtual file system is one of the best features of Linux that makes Linux an operating system of choice. Format a pen drive in… Read More
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>Katana is a Fast and Customizable Crawling and Spidering Framework by the [ Developers of Nuclei, Subfinder, and HTTPx ] ProjectDiscovery. Katana can crawl multiple… Read More
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Pre-requisite:- Azure Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, just like Google has its Google Cloud and Amazon has its Amazon Web Service or AWS.000. Generally, it… Read More
We need to have Ubuntu installed in our Virtual Box for the purpose of this experiment. The host machine is Windows 10 in the following… Read More
Android is the most important operating system. All smartphones and tablets are running with the help of Android. Like other operating systems, Android has a… Read More
Tails, or The Amnesic Incognito Live System is a Debian-based Live Linux Operating System that offers online privacy, anonymity, and defense against online surveillance. It… Read More
Prerequisite:  SORT command in Linux/Unix with examples The SORT command in the Linux operating system is used for sorting. It can be done either for… Read More
Configuring inbound (or incoming) traffic to your Linux instance is critical to setting up and managing your server’s security. Without properly configuring it, you risk… Read More
Android  App is a software app that runs on the Android platform. Normally a standard android app is built for a tablet PC or smartphone… Read More
Incognito mode keeps your activities private on the internet. It doesn’t record your browser history or other data. If you need to delete all the… Read More
GoDaddy Server is a cloud-based hosting platform that consists of virtual and dedicated servers. The premium service includes weekly backups, 99% uptime, 24×7 Customer Support,… Read More