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A reboot is a process of restarting a working computer with hardware (such as a power button) rather than software. After installing a software package,… Read More
as command is the portable GNU assembler in Linux. Using as command, we can read and assemble a source file. The main purpose of ‘as‘… Read More
For security reasons, you must frequently change the password of accounts on the system. In this article, we are going to see how can we… Read More
htop a Linux tool that is used in process-managing and terminal-based system monitoring. It allows real-time monitoring of processes and performs every task to monitor… Read More
If your Linux system is taking so much time to boot, and you want to know which process is taking so much time to boot… Read More
groffer command in Linux displays groff files and man pages on an X window system, tty, and several other document viewers.  groff files – files… Read More
Every command in Linux starts a process at the time of its execution, which automatically gets terminated upon exiting the terminal. Suppose, you are executing… Read More
Have you ever confronted the circumstance where you executed a program or an application, and abruptly while you are utilizing the application, it gets halted… Read More
When a program is executed, it toggles multiple times into user mode and kernel mode. In user mode, a process has limited access to resources,… Read More
In Linux/UNIX, Groff stands for GNU troff. Groff is basically used to create man pages. But its functionality is not limited to creating man pages,… Read More
GPM (“General Purpose Mouse”) software provides support for mouse devices in Linux virtual consoles. This package provides a daemon that captures mouse events when the… Read More
edquota command in Linux is used to edit user/group quotas. We can specify one or more users/groups on the command line. If instead of a… Read More
amidi command in Linux is used to receive and send SysEx i.e System Exclusive data from or to external MIDI devices. Other MIDI commands can… Read More
Incron is an “inotify cron” system. It works very much like the regular cron, however, cron jobs are triggered by a moment in time (every… Read More
pv is a terminal-based (command-line based) tool in Linux that allows us for the monitoring of data being sent through pipe. The full form of… Read More