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In this article we are going to create a customized network setup, to restrict accessing specific sites.  Suppose we want to access Google and don’t… Read More
NetHogs is similar to Linux top command which is an open-source command-line program, that is used for monitoring network traffic in Linux. But do you… Read More
ip address command is a part of IP command in Linux. IP command is used to deal with IP address, ARP cache entry, tunnel over… Read More
dnssec-keygen command is used to generate keys for DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions). DNSSEC is an extension to the regular DNS (Domain Name System) technology but… Read More
Netcat is a Unix utility which reads and writes data across network connections using TCP or UDP protocol. Following tasks can be done easily with Netcat:… Read More
tcpdump is a packet sniffing and packet analyzing tool for a System Administrator to troubleshoot connectivity issues in Linux. It is used to capture, filter,… Read More
dstat is a tool that is used to retrieve information or statistics form components of the system such as network connections, IO devices, or CPU,… Read More
dig command stands for Domain Information Groper. It is used for retrieving information about DNS name servers. It is basically used by network administrators. It… Read More
iftop is a network analyzing tool used by system administrators to view the bandwidth related stats. It shows a quick overview of the networking activities… Read More
route command in Linux is used when you want to work with the IP/kernel routing table. It is mainly used to set up static routes… Read More
vnstat is a command-line tool in Linux that is generally used by system administrators in order to monitor network parameters such as bandwidth consumption or… Read More
The DNS or the domain name system has many functions, primarily to convert IP addresses to the domain name and vice versa. Whenever we type… Read More
Nmap is Linux command-line tool for network exploration and security auditing. This tool is generally used by hackers and cybersecurity enthusiasts and even by network… Read More
Netcat is one of the powerful networking tool, security tool or network monitoring tool. It acts like cat command over a network. It is even… Read More
domainname command in Linux is used to return the Network Information System (NIS) domain name of the host. You can use hostname -d command as… Read More