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In this article, we will discuss the topic of grep. Also, we will discuss what are the problems that occurred during binary files while using… Read More
fuser is a command line utility in Linux. fuser can identify the process using the files or sockets. This command can be also used to… Read More
Let’s consider we have a text file that contains lots of text and in that text file there are some email IDs present, and we… Read More
If you also don’t like to read the whole man page for simple commands and search the command options into the big man page, then… Read More
In Linux, some commands take a long time to run, and we wait for the complete command but for some commands, we terminate that command… Read More
dmesg is a display message command that display kernel-related messages on Unix-like systems. It used to control the kernel ring buffer. The output contains messages… Read More
VPS(Virtual Private Servers) are commonly used to host and serve many types of services.  There are many providers that provide virtual servers. Many of these… Read More
The Basic calculator (bc) is an arbitrary-precision calculator that you can use as a simple scientific or financial calculator on the command-line interface of your… Read More
The shuf command in Linux writes a random permutation of the input lines to standard output. It pseudo randomizes an input in the same way… Read More
CFQ I/O disk elevator incorporates a tool called ionice which encourages the director to dole out needs on a process cycle level to accelerate or… Read More
In Linux, the history command can be used to show the list of commands which have been recently executed. HISTCONTROL variable is a colon-separated list… Read More
getopts is a very convenient bash script utility, which helps you to conveniently and gracefully handle the passing of flags(short version), and arguments in a… Read More
arecordmidi command in Linux is a utility command which is used to record a standard MIDI file from any number of ALSA sequencer ports. ALSA… Read More
The acpid daemon provides intelligent power management on a system and allows to query battery and configuration status by supporting the Advanced Configuration and Power… Read More
aplaymidi command in Linux is used to play standard MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files, by sending the content of a MIDI file to an ALSA(Advanced… Read More

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