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cp command is used to create an exact copy of the contents of the files and directories but with a different name and location. It… Read More
pushd is a shell built-in command which allows us to easily manipulate the directory stack. This appends a directory to the top of the directory… Read More
popd command is used to remove directories from the directory stack. The “d” in popd stands for the directory as it removes the directory path… Read More
chgrp command in Linux is used to change the group ownership of a file or directory. All files in Linux belong to an owner and… Read More
rmdir command is used remove empty directories from the filesystem in Linux. The rmdir command removes each and every directory specified in the command line… Read More
chroot command in Linux/Unix system is used to change the root directory. Every process/command in Linux/Unix like systems has a current working directory called root… Read More
Different users in the operating system have ownership and permission to ensure that the files are secure and put restrictions on who can modify the… Read More
The chattr command in Linux is a file system command which is used for changing the attributes of a file in a directory. The primary… Read More
cd command in linux known as change directory command. It is used to change current working directory.  Syntax:   $ cd [directory] To move inside a… Read More
dir command in Linux is used to list the contents of a directory. How is dir command different from ls? dir command differs from ls… Read More
dirname is a command in Linux which is used to remove the trailing forward slashes “/” from the NAME and prints the remaining portion. If… Read More
pwd stands for Print Working Directory. It prints the path of the working directory, starting from the root. pwd is shell built-in command(pwd) or an… Read More
mkdir command in Linux allows the user to create directories (also referred to as folders in some operating systems ). This command can create multiple… Read More
In Unix-like operating systems, the chmod command is used to change the access mode of a file. The name is an abbreviation of change mode.… Read More
mv stands for move. mv is used to move one or more files or directories from one place to another in a file system like… Read More

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