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SSH is short for Secure Shell or Secure Socket shell. According to Wikipedia, the Secure Shell Protocol is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network… Read More
Nmap stands for Network Mapper. It is a tool, primarily used for Port scanning, to check vulnerabilities and of course, the main purpose – Network… Read More
Grep is a powerful tool to search for a pattern or regular expression in a text file but it cannot do the search in pdf… Read More
Nmap becomes the primary tool for scanning the network, while other scanner tools still compete with Nmap. Many hosts in the organization are filtered by… Read More
fuser is a command line utility in Linux. fuser can identify the process using the files or sockets. This command can be also used to… Read More
mke2fs command is used to create a filesystem usually in form of a disk partition or file directly from the Linux terminal, it is a… Read More
In Linux, there are commands like write/wall which are used to communicate with other users especially by system administrators to send a short message to… Read More
Let’s consider we have a text file that contains lots of text and in that text file there are some email IDs present, and we… Read More
Linux is a family of open-source operating systems and comes as various distributions or distros. The full path in Linux means starting from the root… Read More
What is APT? APT (Advanced Package Tool) is a free software user interface for Debian and Debian-based Linux distributions that interacts with core libraries to… Read More
doexec command in the Linux system is used to run an executable with an arbitrary argv[0]. It allows the user to argv[0] other than the… Read More
As a system administrator, it’s a regular task to backup the data. There are two types of backup, incremental and full backup. In the full… Read More
A reboot is a process of restarting a working computer with hardware (such as a power button) rather than software. After installing a software package,… Read More
Shell is a command language interpreter. It is used in most of the UNIX/LINUX-based distros. Shell support scripting means we can automate the Shell commands… Read More
wget and curl are the commands that are used to HTTP requests without any GUI or software, rather we use the Terminal in Linux that… Read More

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