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Traversing through a directory tree to locate files is a common operation performed by most filesystem management software. This utility is in the form of… Read More
cp command is used to create an exact copy of the contents of the files and directories but with a different name and location. It… Read More
In Linux, chmod is a command, which is used to change the permissions of files and folders. We can change permissions of Read/Write on a… Read More
We often work with Linux files while creating shell scripts. But sometimes we need to know the full path of a file we are working… Read More
Linux is an open-source operating system that is loved by tech geeks. It is a versatile operating system that can be used on thousands of… Read More
When exploring directories on your server, you may have come across folders with a large number of files in them. You might wish to know… Read More
There might be sometimes a need to list all the commands and aliases supported by the current system. As we already know, an alias is… Read More
In this article, we will discuss the topic of grep. Also, we will discuss what are the problems that occurred during binary files while using… Read More
Text files are frequently processed while using the Linux command line. This article will go over how to determine which lines in a file are… Read More
sed stands for stream editor. It is a basic utility command in Linux that has basic functionality like inserting, deleting, finding, replacing, and searching text… Read More
On a Unix system, a separate environment is created for a program when it is executed. Everything the system needs to run the program as… Read More
SSH is short for Secure Shell or Secure Socket shell. According to Wikipedia, the Secure Shell Protocol is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network… Read More
Nmap stands for Network Mapper. It is a tool, primarily used for Port scanning, to check vulnerabilities and of course, the main purpose – Network… Read More
Grep is a powerful tool to search for a pattern or regular expression in a text file but it cannot do the search in pdf… Read More
Nmap becomes the primary tool for scanning the network, while other scanner tools still compete with Nmap. Many hosts in the organization are filtered by… Read More

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