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ccat is a command-line tool for Linux and OSX, which is similar to the cat command in Linux. But the difference between cat and ccat… Read More
as command is the portable GNU assembler in Linux. Using as command, we can read and assemble a source file. The main purpose of ‘as‘… Read More
The stat is a  command which gives information about the file and filesystem. Stat command gives information such as the size of the file, access… Read More
in this article, we will discuss how to copy a file to multiple directories in Linux. xargs, find, tee, shell loop, and parallel are the… Read More
In Linux, everything is considered as a file. In UNIX, seven standard file types are regular, directory, symbolic link, FIFO special, block special, character special,… Read More
If you also don’t like to read the whole man page for simple commands and search the command options into the big man page, then… Read More
For security reasons, you must frequently change the password of accounts on the system. In this article, we are going to see how can we… Read More
In Linux, some commands take a long time to run, and we wait for the complete command but for some commands, we terminate that command… Read More
fd is a command-line tool to find files on the filesystem. This tool is similar to the find command in Linux, but fd is more… Read More
As network engineers or penetration testers, we need to find the live hosts on the networks. Today we are going to see how to find… Read More
exa is a modern replacement for the file-listing command-line program ls which is used on operating systems like Linux, UNIX, and macOS.exa gives more features… Read More
In this article, let us have a close look at some networking commands that are deprecated. That means they are not provided by default and… Read More
htop a Linux tool that is used in process-managing and terminal-based system monitoring. It allows real-time monitoring of processes and performs every task to monitor… Read More
In this article, we are going to see how to convert multiple rows into a single row using Linux. Here is the file for demonstration:… Read More
dmesg is a display message command and to display kernel-related messages on Unix-like systems. It used to control the kernel ring buffer. The output contains… Read More

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