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Pre-requisite: Convert an Array to a Circular Doubly Linked List, Doubly Circular Linked ListGiven a doubly circular linked list. The task is to find the… Read More
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Prerequisite: Doubly Linked list, Circular Linked List, Circular Doubly Linked ListGiven an array of N elements. The task is to write a program to convert… Read More
Given a linked list of alphabets and special characters. Reverse the given linked list without affecting the position of the special characters.  Examples:   Input: g… Read More
Given a binary tree, flatten it into a linked list. After flattening, the left of each node should point to NULL and right should contain… Read More
Given head of a linked list of integers and an integer k, your task is to modify the linked list as follows: Consider nodes in… Read More
Given a matrix, the task is to construct a linked list matrix in which each node is connected to its right and down node. Example: … Read More
Given a linked list, rearrange it such that converted list should be of the form a < b > c < d > e <… Read More
Given a linked list of characters. The task is to find the maximum occurring character in the linked list. if there are multiple answers, return… Read More
This post explains the iterative approach of this problem.  We maintain two pointers, prev and temp. If these two have either x or y same,… Read More
Java’s Linked list class offers a function that allows a “Queue Based” working called poll(). This function not only returns deletes the first element, but… Read More
Linked list library also offers to depict the first and last index of element that has to be found using the indexOf() and lastIndexOf() functions… Read More
The conventional method allowing to get the element at particular index is get(). Though in LinkedList its never possible to achieve this without complete traversal,… Read More
Linked list also has a function that does the work of flexible addition of elements and helps addition both at front and back of the… Read More

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