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Given two arrays W[] and C[] containing weight and cost of N (1 to N) items respectively, and an integer K, find a segment from… Read More
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Given weights and values of N items and the capacity W of the knapsack. Also given that the weight of at most K items can… Read More
Given an integer W, arrays val[] and wt[], where val[i] and wt[i] are the values and weights of the ith item, the task is to… Read More
Given a positive integer K, and an array arr[] consisting of N( =9) integers such that arr[i] represents the cost of the digit (i+1), the… Read More
Given a sac of capacity W, and two arrays A[] and B[] of length N, where A[i] represents the weight of an ith block of… Read More
Rahul and Ankit are the only two waiters in the Royal Restaurant. Today, the restaurant received N orders. The amount of tips may differ when… Read More
There are some processes that need to be executed. The amount of load that process causes a server that runs it, is being represented by… Read More
Given an array arr[], consisting of N non-negative integers and an integer S, the task is to find the number of ways to obtain the… Read More
Pre-requisite: Fractional Knapsack Problem Given two arrays weight[] and profit[] the weights and profit of N items, we need to put these items in a… Read More
Given N items with weights W[0..n-1], values V[0..n-1] and a knapsack with capacity C, select the items such that:   The sum of weights taken into… Read More
Given S stacks of length M, the task is to maximize the sum of elements at the top of each stack by popping at most… Read More
Given N items, each item having a given weight Ci and a profit value Pi, the task is to maximize the profit by selecting a… Read More
Given weights and profits of N items, put these items in a knapsack of capacity W. The task is to print all possible solutions to… Read More

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