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In the software industry, contents are transferred or portable via various documents with formats like TXT, XLS, or PDF or even sometimes with MP4 format… Read More
Accounting software /medical software / educational software etc. requires sorted data to be given for some analysis and also to prepare bar charts, pie charts,… Read More
HTTP Client can provide synchronous and asynchronous request mechanisms via the following three core classes: HttpRequest: Request that needs to be sent via the HttpClient.… Read More
In software programming, there are many instances where we need the usage of LinkedHashMap and LinkedHashSet. LinkedHashSet Though HashSet is available, if we need the… Read More
In many software, we will be working with HashMap and HashSet and always there is confusion exists that when to use HashMap and when to… Read More
In many parts of projects, collections play a major role. Among that ArrayList is a user-friendly collection and many times it will be required to… Read More
In this article let us see a much-required functionality that is credit card validation as well as its relevant JUnit test cases for given credit… Read More
Any web/mobile/console application should be error-free and hence it has to undergo a lot of validations. In this article, let us see how to validate… Read More
Strings are very useful and they can contain sequences of characters and there are a lot of methods associated with Strings. Moreover, encoding and decoding… Read More
JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. JUnit has been important in the development of test-driven development. JUnit 5 is the… Read More
Test Driven Development is the process in which test cases are written before the code that validates those cases. It depends on the repetition of… Read More
The quality of software should be of a high standard and then only it is liked and used by most people. A good programmer is… Read More
In this article, by seeing a sample project that involves a few characters in the “friends” web series and checking their names against correct professions… Read More
The quality of the software is very very important and it can be enhanced by JUNIT test cases. There are a lot of useful methods… Read More
In banking software or financial software, validation of an account number is a mandatory scenario. In this article, as a sample let us take a… Read More

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