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In this article, we will see what is XMLHttpRequest Object, along with knowing their properties with their implementation through the illustrations. XMLHTTPRequest object is an… Read More
In this article, we will see how to disable the animation effect using jQuery. To disable the animation effect, we use property. The… Read More
In this article, we will learn how to make a jQuery throw error when it does not match an element. Approach: To do this task… Read More
jQuery properties are used to do some specific operations.  Syntax $().Property Example: This example uses property to disable the animation HTML <!DOCTYPE html> <html>… Read More
An event refers to the actions performed by the site visitor during their interactivity with the website (or webpage). There can be various types of… Read More
The jQuery UI beforeShowDay is an option in Datepicker. By using this option we can call any function by using each day. This is executed… Read More
The slider function in Jquery UI can be used to select numeric data as an input from the user. Slider has many applications on a… Read More
The DOM node context contains original passed to jQuery(), Which is a dom node context if there is no node passed then context will be… Read More
The jQuery property is used to contain the optional data which is passed to an event method. The data passed when the currently executing… Read More
The jquery property is used to return the jQuery version number. Syntax $().jquery Example: Return the version number. <!DOCTYPE html> <html>    <head>     <style>         h1… Read More
The jQuery event.delegateTarget property is used to return the element where the currently-called jQuery event handler was attached.  Syntax: event.delegateTarget Parameter: event: It is a… Read More
The jQuery event.currentTarget property is used to return the current DOM element within the event bubbling phase. The event.currentTarget is typically equal to “this”.  Syntax:… Read More
The property in jQuery is used to globally disable/enable all animations. Its default value is false which is used to allow animation to run… Read More
The property in jQuery contains a collection of properties which are used to represents the different browser features or bugs. Syntax: Parameters: This… Read More
The jQuery.fx.interval property in jQuery is used to modify the number of frames per second at which animations will run and to change the animation… Read More

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