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Tag Archives: jQuery-Plugin

jQuery provides a very modern and highly interactive Highcharts plugin for programmers to implement charts for representing or comparing data for web and mobile applications.… Read More
jQuery provides a quick jQuery Filer uploader plugin for easy implementation of uploading the files. It provides features like instant uploading of files, file append,… Read More
jQuery provides GMaps Plugin which helps programmers to use Google maps in variety of ways. You have to download the required files in the working… Read More
There are multiple ways by which we can simply check whether the jQuery plugins are loaded successfully or not using jQuery. We can also check… Read More
jQuery provides front-end calendar CLNDR plugin using HTML templates mostly used in single-day or multiple days event management system. It is used in appointing dates… Read More
jQuery provides a beautiful, lightweight, single page and responsive Vertical Dot Navigation plugin to programmers that help in navigating or scrolling through long web pages.… Read More
In the process of web design and development, taking regular backups is an important practice followed. jQuery provides table2excel plugin which helps to export HTML… Read More
jQuery provides a simple, beautiful, and interactive flipping gallery plugin which helps programmers to flip many images in a gallery in various directions with the… Read More
The jQuery provides LogosDistort plugin which helps in creating or animating a parallax environment for 3D scenes in the user browser. It uses full-page matrix3D… Read More
jQuery provides Flickerplate plugin that helps our programmers to create sliders for websites that can cycle through a list of background images along with dot… Read More
jQuery provides menu-aim plugin that helps programmers to develop effective dropdown menus along with easy navigation of sub-menu contents. The plugin can very well differentiate… Read More
jQuery framework provides alertify.js plugin that provides pre-designed customizable notification system along with interactive browser dialogs. This extensible and themeable plugin is very useful for… Read More
jQuery Product Tour plugin is a lightweight, responsive guided tour plugin for users and programmers to help them understand the usage of product or website… Read More
jQuery provides Tagsort plugin that is used for displaying tags or filter elements based on different tags in a DOM. The plugin takes data-attributes of… Read More
jQuery provides a very simple, user-friendly and responsive rowGrid plugin that helps programmers to display images in a straight row. It is very lightweighted and… Read More

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