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The task is to capitalize the first letter of string without using toUpperCase() method with the help of jQuery. There are two approaches that are… Read More
jQuery provides multiscroll.js plugin which helps programmers to create split web pages along with divided multiple vertical scrolling panels. Note: Please download the jQuery multiscroll… Read More
It is very simple to count the number of child elements in the HTML file using jQuery. For example: If you have a parent element… Read More
SVG or Scalar Vector Graphics is Extended Markup Language-based graphics supporting 2 dimensional animations of images enhancing interactiveness. The specifications of SVG are open standards… Read More
This isEmptyObject() Method in jQuery is used to determines if an object is empty. Syntax: jQuery.isEmptyObject( object ) Parameters: The isEmptyObject() method accepts only one… Read More
The Bootstrap Tooltip gives us a hint about the specific element in a graphical manner. Tooltip is used for performance reasons so it can be… Read More
jQuery UI framework provides effect() method for managing different variety of visual effects on the selected elements without using show() and hide() methods. There are… Read More
The task is to add a new class to the element without using addClass() method with the help of jQuery. There are two approaches that… Read More
There are two methods to submit a form, Using the “enter” key: When the user press the “enter” key from the keyboard then the form… Read More
The problem is to include a slide effect whenever we click a local anchor and we want to scroll up or down the page accordingly.… Read More
The show() method of jQuery UI framework displays or manages all types of visual effects for the matched selected elements whose styles are designed in… Read More
jQuery .on() method: This method is used to attach an event listener to an element. This method is equivalent to the addEventListener in vanilla JavaScript.… Read More
The after-form-submit is the set of code that is executed after a submit button is fired. Usually, it is used to blank out the form,… Read More
The .animate() method in jQuery is used to handle effects and animations. Properties which have numeric values can be animated by this method such as… Read More
The task is to reset the value of the select element to its default value with the help of jQuery. There are two approaches that… Read More

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