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The Javascript str.toLowerCase() method converts the entire string to lowercase. This method does not affect any of the special characters, digits, and the alphabet that… Read More
JavaScript String split() Method is used to split the given string into an array of strings by separating it into substrings using a specified separator… Read More
JavaScript str.includes() function is used to check if the argument string is present in the given string or not. This function is case-sensitive.  The syntax… Read More
The JavaScript str.indexOf() function finds the index of the first occurrence of the argument string in the given string. The value returned is 0-based. Syntax:… Read More
The JavaScript str.endsWith() function is used to check whether the given string ends with the characters of the specified string or not Syntax: str.endsWith(searchString, length)… Read More
JavaScript concat() function is used to join two or more strings together without changing the original strings and returning a new string. Syntax: str.concat(string2, string3,… Read More
The JavaScript Array toString() Method returns the string representation of the array elements Syntax: arr.toString() Parameters: This method does not accept any parameter. Return value: … Read More
The length property of the JavaScript object is used to find out the size of that object. This property is used with many objects like… Read More
JavaScript str.charAt() returns the character at the given index of the string index holds the array element position. Syntax: character = str.charAt(index) Arguments: The only… Read More

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