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Anagram: An anagram is a word or sentence, which usually contains all the original letters exactly once, in order to arrange the letters of a… Read More
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The first thing that we have to keep in my mind while solving this kind of problem is that the strings are immutable i.e, If… Read More
In this article, we will convert a number to a string in Javascript. In JavaScript, you can change any number into string format using the… Read More
JavaScript strings are used for storing and manipulating text content. It can contain zero or more characters within single or double quotes, like “Geeksforgeeks” or… Read More
The Javascript replaceAll() method returns a new string after replacing all the matches of a string with a specified string or a regular expression. The… Read More
The Approach of this article is to return the number of vowels in a string using Javascript. A vowel is also a letter that represents… Read More
The Javascript anchor() method creates an anchor element that is used as a hypertext target that means when you use the anchor method in JavaScript… Read More
Strings are texts that help in holding data that can be represented. A JavaScript string stores a series of characters like “GeeksforGeeks”. A string can… Read More
In this article, we will see the difference between single-quoted and double-quoted strings in JavaScript. Both single-quotes and double-quotes strings in JavaScript are used for… Read More
In this article, the task here is to remove all leading and trailing spaces and tabs from the string. We will use a method to… Read More
In this article, we will convert the user input string into a regular expression using JavaScript. Regular expressions (RegExp) are patterns used to match character… Read More
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In this article, we are given a long number and the task is to convert it to the abbreviated string(eg.. 1234 to 1.2k). Here 2… Read More
In this article, the task is to check if the passed URL is absolute or relative. Below are a few approaches:  Approach 1: Use Regular… Read More

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