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Whenever a variable is created, the intention is to assign some value to that variable but what type of value can be assigned to that… Read More
Prerequisites:JavaScript, TypeScript Why TypeScript is developed while having JavaScript? When JavaScript was developed, the JavaScript development team introduced JavaScript as a client-side programming language. But… Read More
Prerequisites: Learn Basic HTML Learn Basic Javascript Redirecting a URL in JavaScript is nothing but sending the user from a URL to another URL. In… Read More
It is common to have errors while writing codes and the errors can be due to syntax or logical. These errors create a lot of… Read More
In this article, we will discuss Document Object Model(DOM) along with its properties and methods used to manipulate Documents, & understand their implementation through the… Read More
AngularJS is a front-end web application framework based on JavaScript and is maintained by Google. AngularJS interprets the attributes of HTML as directives to bind… Read More
Scaffolding is creating the skeleton structure of application. It allows users to create own public directories, routes, views etc. Once the structure for app is… Read More
PHP and Node.js are both used for server side development and thus have become a competitor for each other. Below are some differences based on… Read More
NPM (Node Package Manager) is the default package manager for Node.js and is written entirely in Javascript. Developed by Isaac Z. Schlueter, it was initially… Read More
Introduction and Holy Trinity of Web Development This article will give you an overview of the Front End Development, Back-End Development, and the Full Stack… Read More
TypeScript is an open-source programming language. It is developed and maintained by Microsoft. TypeScript follows javascript syntactically but adds more features to it. It is… Read More
Lists are very useful when it comes to developing the UI of any website. Lists are mainly used for displaying menus in a website, for… Read More
We have discussed how to create components, how to render components, using proptypes, using states to store information, and much more. In our previous articles,… Read More
In our previous article on Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript we have seen all the common OOP terminology and got to know how… Read More
Prerequisite: Understanding Javascript Scoping, Javascript Hoisting In JavaScript, there are two types of scopes Global Scope: Scope outside the outermost function attached to the window.… Read More

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