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The job is to determine the caps lock is turned on or turned off using JavaScript and jQuery. Check caps lock is on/off using JavaScript:… Read More
Use HTML DOM stopPropagation() method to stop the event from propagating with inline onclick attribute which is described below: HTML DOM stopPropagation() Event Method: The… Read More
Sometimes you might be looking for some features to include into your web-app that should only be available to devices with a touch screen. You… Read More
In order to detect a device whether it is iOS or not. We’re going to Navigator platform and Navigator userAgent property. Navigator userAgent property This… Read More
There may arise cases when we need to check the browser being used. Some features of your website may not be supported in older browsers… Read More
The break statement, which is used to exit a loop early. A label can be used with a break to control the flow more precisely.… Read More
In order to encode/decode a string in JavaScript, We are using built-in functions provided by JavaScript. btoa(): This method encodes a string in base-64 and… Read More
An iFrame is a rectangular frame or region in the webpage to load or display another separate webpage or document inside it. So basically, an… Read More
There are many cases, especially as the content gets more interactive, where the developer want styles to dynamically kick in based on user input, some… Read More
The !!(not not) is the repetition of the unary logical operator not(!) twice. The double negation(!!) operator calculates the truth value of a value. This… Read More
We can get the value of the text input field using various methods in JavaScript. There is a text value property that can set and… Read More
In this article, we see the methods to find out the caller function in Javascript. Sometimes, the developer may want to modify how a function… Read More
The document.createElement(‘style’) method is used to create the style element using JavaScript. The steps to create style element are listed below: Steps:  Create a style… Read More
What is JSONP? The XMLHttpRequest(XHR) can be used to get the data from the server. Once the data is received in the browser it can… Read More
Problem Statement: How to open a link without clicking on it using JavaScript? Solution: The link will be open when the mouse moves over the… Read More

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