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In this article, we will see how we can change playback speed of videos embedded in an HTML document using an HTML5 video tag. We… Read More
Background color changer is a project which enables to change background color of web pages with an ease. There are color boxes on a web… Read More
Have you ever wondered how you can open a 10GB file on a device with only 4GB of RAM? Or how Netflix app can play… Read More
JSON is a language-independent data format. It is a JavaScript Object Notation. Basically, it is a text-based format used to represent structured data. Data is… Read More
Follow these simple steps in order to make a Web-based Weather Application Using OpenWeatherMap API. Step 1: Make your account in OpenWeatherMap for accessing their… Read More
The Fetch API provides a JavaScript interface that enables users to manipulate and access parts of the HTTP pipeline such as responses and requests.  Fetch… Read More
In JavaScript, a variable may store two type of values, Primitive values or Reference values. This article will describe and help to compare both these… Read More
ES2020 is a continuation of ES’s (ECMAscript) JavaScript improvement. In the year 2020 ES’s important changes are the following: 1. BigInt BigInt is a new… Read More
Given a list of elements and the task is to sort them alphabetically and put each element in the list with the help of JavaScript.… Read More
What are Events? Events are actions or occurrences that happen in the system where we do programming, which the system tells you about so that… Read More
We convert a Number to Boolean by using the JavaScript Boolean() method. A JavaScript boolean results in one of the two values i.e true or… Read More
We will learn about how to edit Bootstrap 4 date input value. The task is to change the value of the date field with the… Read More
In order to convert the HTML form data into pdf, the main approach is to use the html2pdf() function from the html2pdf library. Approach: First,… Read More
In this article, we will learn to convert speech into text using HTML and JavaScript.  Approach: We added a content editable “div” by which we… Read More

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