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The eval() is an in-built JS function that evaluates arguments that are expressions and executes one or more statements given to it as arguments.  Reason… Read More
Few times we want to see how a webpage looks without JavaScript, basically, at that time, we want to disable JavaScript from that page, in… Read More
Ignoring mouse interaction on overlay image can be controlled by a CSS property namely pointer-events. It is a property that defines if an element of… Read More
To count number of text lines inside DOM element, we will use the following approach. Obtain the total height of content inside the DOM element.… Read More
The JavaScript Pipeline Operator ( |> ) is used to pipe the value of an expression into a function. This operator makes chained functions more… Read More
Graphs or charts are the best way to represent data as they are more user-friendly than viewing raw data. It also makes it easy to… Read More
In JavaScript, closures are defined as inner functions that have access to variables and parameters of outer function even after the outer function has returned.… Read More
Objects are the most important data-type and are building blocks for modern JavaScript. They are different from primitive data-types such as String, Number, Boolean, null,… Read More
This article describes the method to handle a situation when the user tries to input a file and later fails to upload the file. It… Read More
The JavaScript replace() method is used to replace any occurrence of a character in a string or the entire string. It searches for a string… Read More
The outerHTML property of the DOM interface gives the HTML fragment of that element. It not only gives the content, but the whole HTML structure… Read More
In this article, we will discuss three simple ways to remove a specific ‘div’ element using plain Javascript.Using parentNode.removeChild(): This method removes a specified child… Read More
The task is to display a spinner on the page until the data response from the API comes. We have taken bootstrap spinner to show… Read More
DOM (Document Object Model) allows us to dynamically access and manipulate the HTML data. All the text data from an HTML file can also be… Read More
The background color can be changed according to the cursor position using the DOM (Document Object Model). In this article, we use the position of… Read More

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