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The concept of dynamic dropdown (or dependent dropdown) is exciting and challenging to code. Dynamic dropdown means that the values in one dropdown list are… Read More
Sometimes the error or status messages in webpages would be different from the default error message thrown by Tomcat (or any other server). An important… Read More
Spring JDBC Spring can perform JDBC operations by having connectivity with any one of jars of RDBMS like MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server, etc., For… Read More
Usually, we might be taking a maven project or grade project for Spring Boot related projects. We will be adding the dependencies in pom.xml (in… Read More
In this article, we are going to make a program to produce some data using Kafka Producer which will consume by the Kafka Consumer and… Read More
AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming) breaks the full program into different smaller units. In numerous situations, we need to log, and audit the details as well as… Read More
Microservices are more popular nowadays. They can be written in any language. In this article, let us see Spring Boot Microservices. in this article let… Read More
In the corporate world, they say “Java is immortal!”. But Why? Java remains one of the major platforms for developing enterprise applications. Enterprise Applications are… Read More
Spring Boot provides the ability to schedule tasks for execution at a given time period with the help of @Scheduled annotation. This article provides a… Read More
Spring Boot provides the ability to send emails via SMTP using the JavaMail Library. Here we will be illustrating step-by-step guidelines to develop Restful web… Read More
The Java applications are developed in multiple layers, to increase security, separate business logic, persistence logic, etc. A typical Java application has three layers namely… Read More
Spring Boot is a project that is built on top of the Spring Framework that provides an easier and faster way to set up, configure,… Read More
Apache Kafka is a publish-subscribe messaging system. A messaging system lets someone is sending messages between processes, applications, and servers. Broadly Speaking, Apache Kafka is… Read More
Aspect-oriented programming(AOP) as the name suggests uses aspects in programming. It can be defined as the breaking of code into different modules, also known as… Read More
Spring Boot is heavily attracting developers toward it because of three main features as follows: Auto-configuration – such as checking for the dependencies, the presence… Read More

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