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Zerocode automated testing framework for a REST API project concept is getting seen via this tutorial by taking a sample spring boot maven project. Let… Read More
In this article, via a Gradle project, let us see how to validate a sample application and show the output in the browser. The application… Read More
For the sample project, below mentioned tools got used Java 8 Eclipse IDE for development Hibernate ORM, Spring framework with Spring Data JPA MySQL database,… Read More
Hibernate validators are very useful and they provide the following annotations that are very helpful for software development. Annotation Usages @NotNull Char Sequence, Collection, Map,… Read More
In recent times MongoDB is the most used database in the software industry. It’s easy to use and learn This database stands on top of… Read More
Spring Boot is a popular, open-source spring-based framework used to develop robust web applications and microservices. As it is built on top of Spring Framework… Read More
In a Spring Boot project, we have to test the web layer. For that, we can use MockMVC. In this tutorial, let us see how… Read More
Spring Boot is trending and it is an extension of the spring framework but it reduces the huge configuration settings that need to be set… Read More
MongoDB is a NoSQL database and it is getting used in software industries a lot because there is no strict schema like RDBMS that needs… Read More
Automated testing plays a vital role in the software industry. In this article, let us see how to do the testing using MockMvc for a… Read More
PostgreSQL is a user-friendly versatile RDBMS. This article lets us see how to integrate Spring Data JPA with PostgreSQL. There are some conventions to be… Read More
In this article, let us see a sample maven project in Spring Boot JPA with Query methods. Spring Boot + JPA removes the boilerplate code… Read More
The concept of dynamic dropdown (or dependant dropdown) is exciting and challenging to code. Dynamic dropdown means that the values in one dropdown list are… Read More
Sometimes the error or status messages in webpages would be different from the default error message thrown by Tomcat (or any other server). An important… Read More
Spring JDBC Spring can perform JDBC operations by having connectivity with any one of jars of RDBMS like MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server, etc., For… Read More

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