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javax.servlet.ServletConfig is an interface as a part of servlet API. For every Servlet class in our application, the web container will create one ServletConfig object… Read More
Servlets are grouped under the Advanced Java tree that are used to create dynamic web applications. Servlets are robust in nature, well scalable and are… Read More
Automated Time-Based Reload Response in Java Web Servlet comes into the picture while working with Java Servlets, we need a mechanism for page auto-reload according… Read More
Pre-requisite: Java Servlets Servlets is a Java Technology for server-side programming generally used to create web applications. It is a module that runs inside a… Read More
The world has changed to a mobile-first era but even today, none of the applications could emerge as effective as the web-based apps. Surfacing on… Read More
Structured Query Language or SQL is a standard Database language which is used to create, maintain and retrieve the data from relational databases like MySQL,… Read More
ServletConfig and ServletContext, both are objects created at the time of servlet initialization and used to provide some initial parameters or configuration information to the… Read More
The need for implementing filters can be understood with the help of few examples Let’s take example of a Web application that formats the data… Read More
Prerequisites: Servlet, JDBC Connectivity To start with interfacing Java Servlet Program with JDBC Connection: Proper JDBC Environment should set-up along with database creation. To do… Read More
An attribute in servlet is an object that can be set, get or removed by the following aspects Request Scope Application Scope Session Scope To… Read More
Hidden form field is used to store session information of a client. In this method, we create a hidden form which passes the control to… Read More
Prerequisite: Servlets and Applets Applets Servlets A Java applet is a small application which is written in Java and delivered to users in the form… Read More
Url rewriting is a process of appending or modifying any url structure while loading a page. The request made by client is always a new… Read More
Brief Introduction: A servlet is a Java class which is used to extend the capabilities of servers that host applications accessed by means of a… Read More
The entire life cycle of a Servlet is managed by the Servlet container which uses the javax.servlet.Servlet interface to understand the Servlet object and manage… Read More

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