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The java.util.PriorityQueue.peek() method in Java is used to retrieve or fetch the first element of the Queue or the element present at the head of… Read More
The Java.util.PriorityQueue.iterator() method is used to return an iterator of the same elements as the Priority Queue. The elements are returned in random order from… Read More
The java.util.PriorityQueue.offer() method is used to insert a particular element into the Priority Queue. It acts similar to the add() method of Priority Queue. Syntax:… Read More
The Java.util.PriorityQueue.contains() method is used to check whether a specific element is present in the PriorityQueue or not. So basically it is used to check… Read More
The java.util.PriorityQueue.poll() method in Java is used to retrieve or fetch and remove the first element of the Queue or the element present at the… Read More
The Java.util.PriorityQueue.size() method is used to get the size of the PriorityQueue or the number of elements present in the PriorityQueue. Syntax: Priority_Queue.size() Parameters: This… Read More
The remove() method of PriorityQueue class of java.util package is used to remove a particular element from a PriorityQueue. As we all know that the… Read More
Prerequisite : Priority Queue, Comparator Priority Queue is like a regular queue, but each element has a “priority” associated with it. In a priority queue,… Read More
It is a priority queue based on priority heap. Elements in this class are in natural order or depends on the Constructor we used at… Read More
A PriorityQueue is used when the objects are supposed to be processed based on the priority. It is known that a Queue follows the First-In-First-Out… Read More

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