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Predict the output of the following Java Programs: Example1: Java // filename:   class Test {       // Declaring and initializing integer variable     int… Read More
Predict the output of the following Java programs.  Question 1:  Java package main;   class Base {     public void Print()     {         System.out.println("Base");     } }  … Read More
Difficulty Level: Rookie  Predict the output of the following Java Programs. Program 1: Java // filename class Test {     protected int x, y; }… Read More
Unlike C++, arrays are first class objects in Java. For example, in the following program, size of array is accessed using length which is a… Read More
Assigning values to static final variables in Java: In Java, non-static final variables can be assigned a value either in constructor or with the declaration. But,… Read More
Unlike C/C++, static local variables are not allowed in Java. For example, following Java program fails in compilation with error “Static local variables are not… Read More

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