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In essence, lambda expressions express examples of functional interfaces (a functional interface is an interface with a single abstract method). Java.lang. Runnable is an excellent… Read More
Lambda Expressions are introduced in Java SE8. These expressions are developed for Functional Interfaces. A functional interface is an interface with only one abstract method.… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N and an integer K. The task is to multiply each element of the array by K. Examples :… Read More
Lambda Expressions are anonymous functions. These functions do not need a name or a class to be used. Lambda expressions are added in Java 8.… Read More
One of the most popular and important topics is lambda expression in java but before going straight into our discussion, let us have insight into… Read More
Variable defined by the enclosing scope of a lambda expression are accessible within the lambda expression. For example,  a lambda expression can use an instance… Read More
Here we will be discussing serialization in java and the problems related to the lambda function without the serialization alongside discussing some ways due to… Read More
Lambda expression is an unnamed method that is not executed on its own. These expressions cause anonymous class.  These lambda expressions are called closures. Lambda’s… Read More
A lambda expression is one or more line of code which works like function or method. It takes a parameter and returns the value. Lambda… Read More
Functional Interfaces in Java and Lambda Function are prerequisites required in order to grasp grip over method references in Java. As we all know that… Read More
Given a string, the task is to write a Java program to check whether the string contains only alphabets or not. If so, then print… Read More
A method is a collection of statements that perform some specific task and return the result to the caller. A method can perform some specific… Read More
Prerequisite: ArrayList in Java Given an ArrayList, the task is to remove repeated elements of the ArrayList in Java. Examples: Input: ArrayList = [1, 2,… Read More
Lambda expressions basically express instances of functional interfaces (An interface with a single abstract method is called functional interface. An example is java.lang.Runnable). lambda expressions… Read More
Below are the methods to efficiently remove elements from a List satisfying a Predicate condition:  p ==> Predicate, specifying the condition l ==> List, from… Read More

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