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A JSP page is a normal web page with JSP elements for generating the parts of the web page that differ for each request. A… Read More
JSP stands for Java server Page. It is a programming tool that is used on the Application Server Side. JSP basically used to Support Platform… Read More
PageContext extends JspContext to contribute helpful context details while JSP technology is applied in a Servlet environment. A PageContext is an instance that gives access… Read More
JSP Config is an implicit object which is used to transmit the configuration details to the JSP page. In JSP, Config is an instance of… Read More
In JSP, application is an implicit object of type ServletContext. This is an instance of javax.servlet.ServletContext. It is generated onetime by the web container when… Read More
In JSP, the session is the most regularly used implicit object of type HttpSession. It is mainly used to approach all data of the user… Read More
Eclipse IDE is an open-source Integrated Development Environment that is popular for Java application development (Java SE and Java EE) and Android apps. It also… Read More
JSP architecture gives a high-level view of the working of JSP. JSP architecture is a 3 tier architecture. It has a Client, Web Server, and… Read More
JavaScript is a lightweight and object-oriented scripting language used to create dynamic HTML pages with interactive effects within a webpage. It is an interpreted scripting… Read More
JSP(Java Server Pages) is a server-side technology used to create web applications in Java. To manipulate the server’s response and to intercept the requests from… Read More
JSP was an implies of giving a comparable programming fashion to PHP and ASP. It is based on Java Servlets and requires a Servlet holder… Read More
JSP API is a set of classes and interfaces that can be used to make a JSP page. These classes and interfaces are contained in… Read More
In this example, we are creating a search bar to display the result on the same page in using ajax in JSP. AJAX stands for… Read More
JSP is java based technology which is used to simplify the development of the dynamic webpage. JSP is used to separate the dynamic content of… Read More
JSP stands for Java Server Pages, a server-side scripting language which helps developers to create dynamic web pages based on HTML, XML or other types.… Read More

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