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Tag Archives: java-IdentityHashMap

The java.util.IdentityHashMap.clone() method is used to return a shallow copy of the mentioned hash map. It just creates a copy of the map. Syntax: Identity_HashMap.clone()… Read More
The java.util.IdentityHashMap.containsKey() method is used to check whether a particular key is being mapped into the IdentityHashMap or not. It takes the key element as… Read More
The java.util.IdentityHashMap.containsValue() method is used to check whether a particular value is being mapped by a single or more than one key in the IdentityHashMap.… Read More
The IdentityHashMap implements Map interface using Hashtable, using reference-equality in place of object-equality when comparing keys (and values). This class is not a general-purpose Map… Read More

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