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The hashCode() method of HashSet in Java is used to get the hashCode value for this instance of the HashSet. It returns an integer value… Read More
The toArray() method of Java HashSet is used to form an array of the same elements as that of the HashSet. Basically, it copies all… Read More
The retainAll() method of java.util.HashSet class is used to retain from this set all of its elements that are contained in the specified collection. Syntax:… Read More
Given the number of questions as , and marks for the correct answer as and marks for the incorrect answer. One can either attempt to solve the question… Read More
Here are couple of differences between ArrayList and HashSet. Inheritance: Implementation: Implementation : ArrayList implements List interface while HashSet implements Set interface in Java. Internal… Read More
Given a HashSet in Java, the task is to sort this HashSet. Examples: Input: HashSet: [Geeks, For, ForGeeks, GeeksforGeeks] Output: [For, ForGeeks, Geeks, GeeksforGeeks] Input:… Read More
HashSet is an implementation of Set Interface which does not allow duplicate value. The main thing is, objects that are stored in HashSet must override… Read More
Prerequisite: ArrayList in Java Given an ArrayList, the task is to remove repeated elements of the ArrayList in Java. Examples: Input: ArrayList = [1, 2,… Read More
In hashing there is a hash function that maps keys to some values. But these hashing function may lead to collision that is two or… Read More
When it comes to discussing differences between Set the firstmost thing that comes into play is the insertion order and how elements will be processed.… Read More
The spliterator() method of HashSet returns a Spliterator with the same elements as HashSet. The returned Spliterator is late-binding and fail-fast Spliterator. A late-binding Spliterator… Read More
As we all know HashSet elements are unordered so the traversed elements can be printed in any order. In order to perform operations over our… Read More
Given a string, count all distinct substrings of the given string. Examples:  Input : abcd Output : abcd abc ab a bcd bc b cd… Read More
Given an array, check whether all elements in an array are the same or not. Examples:  Input : "Geeks", "for", "Geeks" Output : Not all… Read More
Given an array, check whether all elements in an array are distinct or not. Examples:  Input : 1, 3, 2, 4Output : Yes Input :… Read More

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