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In many software, we will be working with HashMap and HashSet and always there is confusion exists that when to use HashMap and when to… Read More
In Java, HashMap is used to store the data in Key – Value pairs. One key object is associated with one value object. Below is… Read More
There are many instances when data is stored as key-value pairs. In Java, it can be achieved by “map” which is a collection. Keys usually… Read More
Geek is a big fan of the Soccer League. Recently he has got a document containing the scores of all the matches played in the… Read More
Given a singly linked list, the task is to Count the pairs of nodes with greater Bitwise AND than Bitwise XOR. Examples: Input: list: 1->4->2->6->3Output:… Read More
Given an array A[] having N positive integers, the task is to perform the following operations and maximize the sum obtained while reducing the array:… Read More
Given a string str of size N containing all possible characters including integers. Print Kth distinct character from the starting of the given string. If… Read More
Given an array arr[]. The task is to minimize the number of removals to make all the elements in arr[] consecutive.  Examples Input: arr[] =… Read More
Given an array arr[], the task is to find the number of times the current integer has already occurred during array traversal.  Examples: Input: arr[]… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, and integer K. The task is to find the longest subsequence with the difference between adjacent elements as… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N and an integer K., The task is to count the number of subarrays with unique sum with sum… Read More
Given an integer array arr[]. Create a new array which is a rotation of given array and find the maximum Hamming distance between both the… Read More
Given an array A of size N and an integer B, the task is to find all unique quadruplets arranged in the lexicographically increasing order… Read More
Given a Binary Tree consisting of N nodes, the task is to first compress the tree diagonally to get a list of integers and then,… Read More
Here we will be discussing out how we can, we improve the performance while using HashMap in Java, the Importance of the hashCode() contract and… Read More

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