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CopyOnWriteArraySet is a member of the Java Collections Framework. It is a Set that uses an internal CopyOnWriteArrayList for all of its operations. It was… Read More
The forEach() method of CopyOnWriteArraySet is an in-built function in Java which is used to traverse each element in this Set. Syntax: public void forEach… Read More
The addAll() method of CopyonWriteArraySet method adds all the element of the specified collection to this CopyOnWriteArraySet which are not present in it. This methods… Read More
The removeIf() method of CopyonWriteArraySet method removes the element from this CopyOnWriteArraySet that satisfies the specified condition. Syntax: public boolean removeIf (Predicate<E> filter) Parameters: This… Read More
The removeAll() method of CopyonWriteArraySet method removes all the elements of this CopyOnWriteArraySet that are present in the specified collection. That means elements which are… Read More
The containsAll() method of Java CopyOnWriteArraySet is used to check whether two sets contain the same elements or not. It takes one set as a… Read More
The retainAll() method of java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArraySet class is used to retain from this set all of its elements that are contained in the specified collection. Syntax:… Read More
toArray() The Java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArraySet.toArray() method returns an array containing all the elements in the set in proper sequence i.e. from first to last. The returned array… Read More
The spliterator() method of CopyOnWriteArraySet returns an spliterator over the elements in this Set in proper sequence. There is no need of synchronization while operating… Read More
The remove() method of CopyOnWriteArraySet removes the specified element if it is present in the set. Syntax: public boolean remove(Object o) Parameters: The function accepts… Read More
The size() method of CopyOnWriteArraySet returns the size of the Set. It returns the number of elements in the current Set. Syntax: public int size()… Read More
The isEmpty(E e) method of CopyOnWriteArraySet checks if the Set is empty or not. It returns true if the Set is empty, else it returns… Read More
The iterator() method of CopyOnWriteArraySet returns an iterator over the elements in this Set in proper sequence. The iterator does NOT support the remove method.… Read More
The equals(Object O) method of CopyOnWriteArraySet compares the specified object with this set for equality. Returns true if the specified object is the same object… Read More
The contains(E e) method of CopyOnWriteArraySet checks if a given element is present in the Set or not. Syntax: public boolean contains(Object o) Parameters: The… Read More