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CookiePolicy implementations decide which cookies should be accepted and which should be rejected. Three pre-defined policy implementations are provided, namely ACCEPT_ALL, ACCEPT_NONE, and ACCEPT_ORIGINAL_SERVER. Signature… Read More
ProtocolFamily is a java Interface. The represents a family of communication protocols. implements ProtocolFamily Interface. public interface ProtocolFamily Methods of interface… Read More
ParseContext class is a component of the Java package org.apache.tika.parser, which is used to parse context and pass it on to the Tika  (The Apache… Read More
FileReader is a class in the package which can be used to read a stream of characters from the files. This class uses either… Read More
A CookieStore is an interface in Java that is a storage area for cookies. It is used to store and retrieve cookies. A CookieStore is… Read More
ReentrantReadWriteLock class of Java is an implementation of ReadWriteLock, that also supports ReentrantLock functionality. The ReadWriteLock is a pair of associated locks, one for read-only… Read More
SocketException is a subclass of IOException so it’s a checked exception. It is the most general exception that signals a problem when trying to open… Read More
The RMISecurityManager enforces the security policy for classes that are loaded as stubs for remote objects, by overriding all of the relevant access-check methods from… Read More
The package provides classes to compress and decompress the file contents. FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, and GZIPOutputStream classes are provided in Java to compress and decompress… Read More
Apache Tika is a library that allows you to extract data from different documents(.PDF, .DOCX, etc.). In this tutorial, we will extract data by using… Read More
Java OffsetTime class is an immutable date-time object that represents a time, often viewed as hour-minute-second offset. OffsetTime class represents a time with an offset… Read More
DateTimeFormatterBuilder Class is a builder class that is used to create date-time formatters. DateTimeFormatter is used as a Formatter for printing and parsing date-time objects.… Read More
Java language is one of the most popular languages among all programming languages. There are several advantages of using the java programming language, whether for… Read More
The Random Class of the java.util package is used for generating a stream of pseudorandom numbers. It uses a 48-bit seed, which is amended by… Read More
ThreadLocalRandom class of java.util package is a random number generator that generates random numbers isolated to the current thread. It is a subclass of the… Read More

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