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Many times, we need to perform operations where a stream reduces to a single resultant value, for example, maximum, minimum, sum, product, etc. Reducing is… Read More
Networking is an integral part of android development, especially when building data-driven clients. The java class mainly used for network connections is HttpUrlConnection. The class… Read More
Sometimes also known as cloning, basically the prototype is a generative design pattern that allows you to copy objects without making your code dependent on their… Read More
Pre-requisites: Android App Development Fundamentals for Beginners Guide to Install and Set up Android Studio How to Create/Start a New Project in Android Studio? Running… Read More
Spring Security secures our web application by default and further, we can customize it as per our needs. So important terminologies in Spring Securit are… Read More
JavaSound is a collection of classes and interfaces for effecting and controlling sound media in java. It consists of two packages. javax.sound.sampled: This package provides… Read More
As we all know, while solving any CP problems, the very first step is collecting input or reading input. A common mistake we all make… Read More
Given 3 positive integers P, Q, and R, the task is to find the number of pairs such that both the elements are in the… Read More
Here we will be discussing out how we can, we improve the performance while using HashMap in Java, the Importance of the hashCode() contract and… Read More
A Message Queues, allow one or more processes to write a message to be read by other processes. A message queue is implemented as a… Read More
Though C++ is the dominating language in the competitive programming universe, there is a fair share of users who still continue to use Java as… Read More
Here we will be discussing how to generate Junit test cases using Randoop along with sample illustration and snapshots of the current instances. So basically… Read More
Default method in Java is a method in java which are defined inside the interface with the keyword default is known as the default method.… Read More
Creating Thread Safe ConcurrentHashSet is not possible before JDK 8 because of the java.util.concurrent package does not have a class called ConcurrentHashSet, but starting with… Read More
Multithreading in Java is a process of executing two or more threads simultaneously to maximum utilization of CPU. Multithreaded applications execute two or more threads… Read More

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