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During a job interview, your body language can make or break you. If you make the wrong gestures, it profiles you as standoffish or insecure… Read More
Accenture conducted the on-campus drive in our college. It started with the pre-placement talk in which they told us about their organization, the technology Accenture… Read More
Polestar Solutions will visit your campus for Placements. Registration will be done through the Vega_HR platform. There’ll be 4 rounds: Round 1: Aptitude and Technical… Read More
Google is a dream workplace for every software developer to work in, It is one of the best in every aspect, be it the projects… Read More
eLitmus is one of the biggest online hiring platforms and a national-level assessment for all those out there looking out for entry-level engineering jobs. eLitmus… Read More
HCL Technologies Ltd is one of the leading global IT services companies that helps global enterprises re-imagine and transform their businesses through Digital technology transformation.… Read More
Netflix, the top video streaming service in the world was founded in 1997 and started out by shipping DVDs to customers by mail. Now it… Read More
Apple is one of the world’s favorite tech brands, holding a tight spot as one of the tech Big Four companies. Apple products have found… Read More
INTRODUCTION: A string is a sequence of characters, often used to represent text. In programming, strings are a common data type and are used for… Read More
About Cisco:Cisco’s purpose is to power an inclusive future for all. We believe in the power of technology and what it makes possible for our… Read More
Facebook(Meta) is an online social media and social networking service owned by the American company Meta Platforms. It employs around 72000 people across the globe… Read More
Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. It… Read More
What is an Array? An array is a collection of items of the same variable type stored that are stored at contiguous memory locations. It’s… Read More
Amazon SDE sheet is the collection of the most important topics or the most frequently asked question in Amazon Software Development Engineer Interviews. Here we… Read More

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