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Multi-factor authentication (MFA) takes two or more authentication methods from different categories to confirm a user’s identity, MFA is increasingly important for secure networks. It… Read More
Pre-requisite:- Cloud Computing There is a misconception about data privacy that it is a subset of information, in the following article we’ll discuss privacy in… Read More
Symmetric Encryption is the most basic and old method of encryption. It uses only one key for the process of both the encryption and decryption… Read More
PDF means Portable Document Format. it is the file format created by Adobe that gives people an easy, reliable way to present and exchange documents… Read More
A business model called SECaaS, or Security as a Service, offers security to IT companies on a subscription basis. A superior security platform is provided… Read More
Application security denotes the security precautionary measures utilized at the application level to prevent the stealing or capturing of data or code inside the application.… Read More
Port number is a 16-bit numerical value that ranges from 0 to 65535. Well-known port (0-1023), registered port (1024-49151), and dynamic port is three types… Read More
A USB flash drive is a storage device that combines flash memory with a built-in Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. The majority of USB flash… Read More
A security vulnerability in which an infected USB charging station is used to compromise linked devices is known as juice jacking. The flaw takes advantage… Read More
Phishing is a kind of cyberattack that is used to steal users’ information including login details and credit card numbers. Most of the data breaches… Read More
Overview :Phishing is the starting point of most cyberattacks. When sending malicious messages or creating a clone site, attackers use psychological techniques and social engineering… Read More
Gestation period of “@” : In 1970’s, there weren’t more awareness about threats and malicious activities. cybersecurity which was formally known as computer security was gradually… Read More
Overview :Dark information is information that’s received via numerous laptop community operations however now no longer utilized in any way to derive insights or for… Read More
E-Mail service has become quite an important means of communication for organizations and the community. The use of E-Mail in business operations and different sectors… Read More
Overview :E-commerce is the evolution in technology, the buying and selling feature online not only have shown growth in the online business but also allows… Read More

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