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The interview process at IBM for the position of associate system engineer is 4 rounds. I have applied for this process on campus. ROUND 1… Read More
ROUND 1: This round was a coding round. The coding was conducted online. The test consisted of 6 questions.  2 questions on arrays (Exor sum… Read More
Selected for IBM on my first attempt I am so happy to crack a job on my first attempt. I have given my coding test… Read More
IBM GBS came to our college for the final year placement. There are a total of 4 rounds. The first three rounds took place on… Read More
Round 1 (Coding Test): The first round was a coding round of 30 min for only one question. The code was simple. The question was… Read More
Over the network, messages are sent as data packets. Each data packet is a series of bytes (8bits = 1 byte). The task is to… Read More
Round-1: For the first round, we had a Cognitive Aptitude Test. These cognitive tests comprised of various puzzles and lots of mental maths. It heavily… Read More
IBM visited our campus for internship in the month of March 2021 Round 1(Cognitive Ability Assessment): All registered candidates are asked to join a webex… Read More
It had total 4 rounds and each one was an elimination round. Round 1 (Online Assessment): This was conducted on Hackkerrank platform on 20th of… Read More
The recruitment process consists of 4 rounds. Round 1(Coding Test): There was only one question that you have to solve in 30 minutes.  The level… Read More
Hello everyone! I recently interviewed with IBM for the role of Associate System Engineer. The entire assessment had 3 rounds, all of which were eliminating… Read More
IBM conducted its drive in our college recently. It had 4 rounds & all 4 were elimination rounds. Round 1: Coding Assessment Time: 45 min… Read More
Round 1: It was an elimination round in which we played 5 brainstorming games. You complete one game and will be prompted to another. Out… Read More
Each round was an elimination round and all rounds were conducted in online mode. Round 1(Coding Assessment): 30 min for 1 question. Practice basics from… Read More
Round 1: Coding Round It was an online coding exam that consisted of one question and the coding round was hosted on Hackerrank. The question… Read More