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Reproduction is the process by which an organism produces young ones similar to itself. When this process involves only one parent and produces clones that… Read More
Body fluids are the medium of supply in the body. In the average 70 kg adult, human total body water is about 60 per cent… Read More
Reproductive health means total well-being in all aspects of reproduction, i.e., physical, emotional, behavioral, and social. “Reproductive health” this chapter deals with problems due to… Read More
The respiratory system is a biological system found in both animals and plants that consists of distinct organs and structures that allow for gas exchange.… Read More
The area of biology known as anatomy is dedicated to the study of the composition and organization of living things. The structural organization of living… Read More
All living organisms are made of cells. A unicellular organism has a single cell in its body, i.e., a single cell performs all basic life… Read More
The term “perfusion” refers to the transportation of blood to a capillary bed in tissue through the circulatory or lymphatic systems to an organ or… Read More
For the mechanism of Breathing the human should have the lungs and in that lungs, the inhalation and exhalation process mechanism is under the different… Read More
The Bohr’s effect clarifies red blood platelets’ capacity to acclimate to the changes in their biochemical environment, boosting the hemoglobin-oxygen binding perspective in the lungs… Read More
Understanding the heart’s electrical system is aided by understanding its structure. The human heart is divided into four chambers. The upper chambers are known as… Read More
A gland in an animal is a collection of cells that produce compounds, such as hormones, for release into the bloodstream (endocrine gland), into cavities… Read More
Parathyrin or Parathormone is another name for parathyroid hormone. Parathyroid glands secrete a parathyroid hormone which is a peptide hormone. The main function of this… Read More
In order to be absorbed into the watery blood plasma, large, insoluble food molecules must be broken down into smaller, water-soluble food molecules during digestion.… Read More
The intake of air rich in oxygen present in the environment and the release of air rich in carbon dioxide produced within the body is… Read More
Excretion is the main process to balance the pure & impure particle percentage in an animal body. Humans incur many things by the means of… Read More

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