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PCOD and PCOS are not the same conditions both PCOS and PCOD are female conditions, both are related to the ovaries, and both PCOS and… Read More
The human body is a type of machine. A machine that is made of different components. Now, there should be some connection between those components.… Read More
Malaria is an infectious disease caused by an infected mosquito with a parasite, a bite of an infected mosquito, that harms both humans and animals.… Read More
Food is a substance taken from outside that nourishes the body, builds tissues, and supplies energy. Essential components of our food are mainly carbohydrates, proteins,… Read More
Each of the four primary organs that make up the human circulatory system has a specific role to play in the smooth flow of blood… Read More
The kidney is the organ that helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body. The process that helps to eliminate those substances is known as… Read More
Different fluids make up the majority of our bodies. Body fluids are crucial for the normal operation of our tissues and perform the crucial tasks… Read More
The nervous system is a very complicated structure in the human body. There are millions of neurons are present in a body of a human.… Read More
Our bodies are primarily made of fluids. Body fluids are crucial for the normal operation of our tissues and perform the crucial tasks of supplying… Read More
The process of removing chemicals from the body is known as excretion. Numerous cellular reactions generate diverse excretory products such as urea, uric acid, creatinine,… Read More
The nervous system is the main driving force of any human being. Humans share their emotions & do different jobs with the help of the… Read More
Organisms require energy to carry out a variety of tasks. The breakdown of different food ingredients, such as proteins, carbs, lipids, etc., produces this energy.… Read More
A class of signalling molecules known as Hormones are delivered from distant organs in multicellular animals to control physiology and behaviour. Hormones are necessary for… Read More
In order to absorb nutrients, complex food particles must be broken down into simpler forms during digestion. The alimentary canal is a part of the… Read More
Body fluids are substances that are created by the body and then either circulated within it or excreted from it. Examples of these substances include… Read More

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