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The HTML <blink> tag is used to create a blinking text that flashes slowly. It has been obsolete all told fashionable browsers whereas some browsers… Read More
The <li> tag is used to represent the list of items using HTML. It must be contained in a parent element.Types of list:   Ordered list… Read More
The <pre> tag defines pre-formatted text. Everything (generally, text and code snippets) in a <pre> tag element is displayed in a fixed-width font, and preserves… Read More
In this article, we define subscripted text in HTML by using the sub Element in the Document.This tag is used to add a subscript text… Read More
HTML | blockquote Tag: The <blockquote> tag in HTML is used to display the long quotations (a section that is quoted from another source). It… Read More
Given a string str which contains some HTML tags, the task is to remove all the tags present in the given string str.Examples:   Input: str… Read More
Normally, when we create a list (ordered or unordered) list, it appears in the form of markers or bullets. Few times we donn’t want the… Read More
“<nav>” Tag: The <nav> tag is used to specify navigation links either within the same document or any other document which means it provides link… Read More
It can be seen in many websites like reading more buttons containing a link. These things expand when the user clicks the read more link… Read More
If you are designing a simple web page, then not much difference is noticeable, but it is very necessary to understand the basic differences between… Read More
The HTML <!–…–> Tag is used to insert comments in the HTML code. It is a good practice of coding so that the coder and… Read More
The p tag in HTML represents a paragraph. It is a block-level element which means that the text which is present inside the paragraph tag… Read More
  Both the tags are semantics tag in HTML 5. In this article, we will discuss the behavior of the <article> and <section> tag. Both… Read More
The HTML5 MathML <semantics> tag is an inbuilt element in HTML 5. It is used to markup the mathematics there are two possible ways to… Read More
The MathML <mstyle> tag is an inbuild tag in HTML5. This tag is used to change the styles of the children’s elements. This tag is… Read More

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