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The term, ARIA with attributes such as aria-labelledby and aria-hidden stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications. These are the set of standards and guidelines that… Read More
The <aside> tag is used to describe the main object of the web page in a shorter way like a highlighter. It basically identifies the… Read More
In today’s world full of component-driven architecture is still the case that CSS applied globally could create problems in the rest of our code. This… Read More
The <article> tag is one of the new sectioning element in HTML5. The HTML <article> tag is used to represent an article. More specifically, the… Read More
The <address> tag in HTML is used to write contact information of a person or an organization. If <address> tag is used inside the <body>… Read More
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Given a string and the task is to make a slice of the given string using AngularJS. This task can be performed in 2 ways… Read More

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