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MongoDB is a database that is used to store data in the form of documents. It is widely used for its flexibility and scalability. MongoDB… Read More
CentOS is a popular open-source Linux distribution aimed at servers and provides compatibility with Red Hat’s RPM package manager. It is built with the goal… Read More
PHP is a highly used programming language. It is widely used for website development purposes. Using HTML a simple webpage can be implemented. But using… Read More
Git is a type of version control system. There are two types of version control systems are present. One is Centralised and another one is… Read More
Py2exe is a Python package that allows the building of standalone Windows executable programs that can be 32-bit or 64-bit from Python scripts. This package… Read More
In chrome, we have a JavaScript API that is used for rendering (2D and 3D)graphics known as WebGL(Web Graphics Library). Rendering can be done remotely… Read More
Docker is mainly an open-source platform. It is generally used for containerizing platforms. It is used by developers while implementing a huge project. It helps… Read More
Linux is the most widely used in the world due to being open source and secure due to having a large community. There are almost… Read More
The dateutil package, which is available in Python 2 and Python 3, adds a lot of features to the conventional DateTime module. Or, to put… Read More
Pyrebase4 is a python library that is used to interact with Google Firebase. Firebase provides its users with various features like authentication, database, hosting, etc.… Read More
A virtual machine commonly known as VM has the same features as your physical computer like a laptop or smartphone. It has a memory, CPU,… Read More
Go is a widely-used programming language. It is an open-source software used for general purposes. It is similar like the C programming language. But it… Read More
Jekyll is software used for creating websites. It can create websites more dynamically. Jekyll is useful nowadays. It can convert simply written text files into… Read More
Tumblr is one of the most popular American microblogging and social networking media website which is currently owned by Automattic Inc. This web social media… Read More
GitKraken is software available for Git. Usually, while developing any software, developers develop certain parts of the project. Then they join the parts of the… Read More

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