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Pywin32 is a Python extension or library for Windows OS which is used to access the characteristics of the Win32 application programming interface (API) on… Read More
Setuptools is a package development process library that is designed to make packaging Python projects easier by boosting the standard distutils (distribution utilities) library of… Read More
Tix is also known as Tk Interface Extension. It is a python module that provides an extra rich set of widgets to TkInter. Although the… Read More
Nose 2 is a successor of the Nose package. It is used for testing Python applications. It provides different types of methods, modules, classes, test… Read More
Mozilla Firefox is a web browser and it is built by Mozilla Corporation and it is free and open-source software. Its latest version is 71.0.… Read More
Mutagen is a Python module or package. It is used to handle audio metadata. This can be used in GUI applications like Game Development, etc.… Read More
Fabric is a Python library. This library is used to perform Linux shell commands remotely over SSH and yield handy Python objects in return. Or… Read More
Kotlin is an open-source programming language. It is developed by JetBrains and is designed to be a modern, safe, and efficient language for building modern… Read More
Scraping is the process of collection of web metadata or web information through web crawlers. We can get the links associated with the domain, can… Read More
Pymediainfo is a Python package that is used to wrap around the MediaInfo library. It works on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS.… Read More
Pyperclip is a cross-platform Python module for copy and pasting, or we can say that it provides clipboard functionality. It was created to allow cross-platform… Read More
Chardet is the python module that is mainly used to detect the character encoding in a text file. Or we can say that this module… Read More
S3transfer is a Python library. It is used for managing Amazon S3 transfers. In this article, we will be looking at the step-wise procedure to… Read More
Ipython is the famous toolkit that provides the interactive Python shell and also provides the Jupyter Kernel to work with Python code on the Jupyter… Read More
Oracle database is the most commonly used database in transaction processing, data warehousing, and several other applications. SQLPlus is the basic Oracle Database utility and… Read More

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