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Go is a widely-used programming language. It is an open-source software used for general purposes. It is similar like the C programming language. But it… Read More
Jekyll is software used for creating websites. It can create websites more dynamically. Jekyll is useful nowadays. It can convert simply written text files into… Read More
Tumblr is one of the most popular American microblogging and social networking media website which is currently owned by Automattic Inc. This web social media… Read More
GitKraken is software available for Git. Usually, while developing any software, developers develop certain parts of the project. Then they join the parts of the… Read More
Py-asn is a Python library that is considered as the extension library which activates very fast Internet Protocol addresses to Autonomous System Number lookups. We… Read More
Cmder is a command prompt user interface. It is often used in windows machines mainly. Generally, users like to interact with graphical user interfaces. As… Read More
Microsoft Azure provides us with multiple database services which help us to run popular relational database management systems, like MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL in… Read More
An assembly language programs are the statements that are assembly language instructions from an instruction set or an assembler’s directives. In this article, we are… Read More
The Paint 3D Application is a 3D modeling and graphic designing application that is used popularly by graphic designers and students to design, create and… Read More
Git is a type of version control system. There are two types of version control systems are present. One is Centralised & another one is… Read More
Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia is the most popular website on the Internet as it contains the latest and correct information about all the latest… Read More
MongoDB is a software that provides database connectivity. It is quite similar to MySQL, but still many users choose MongoDB for its easy user interface.… Read More
Redis is an open-source software used by developers. It is used as a database, and cache broker. Redis is basically an in-memory data store application.… Read More
PyYAML is a special Python library for the package that is often used for the configuration of files and also can be used for data… Read More
YAML is a data serialization format that enables interaction with scripts. It is generally used to create configuration files, as it prioritizes human readability, and… Read More

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