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When we think about the Indian languages, the first thing that comes to mind is Hindi. Of course, Hindi is an important aspect of India’s… Read More
Books have played a pivotal role in shaping mortal civilization by transmitting knowledge and ideas. Throughout history, books have covered a wide range of subjects,… Read More
Megalith can be defined as a large stone that is used to build a prehistoric structure. Generally, it refers to a single rock but the… Read More
The dual government system was introduced by Robert Clive in the year 1765 and was continued till the year 1772. Under this system of governance,… Read More
The print revolution started with the invention of the Gutenberg press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in England in the 1430s. First Bible was printed and… Read More
Abdul Ghaffar Khan was commonly known as the Frontier Gandhi. He was born in the year 1890. He was also known as Bacha Khan and… Read More
The All India Muslim League, also referred to as the Muslim League, was a political party that originated in British India in 1906. Its main… Read More
Dorabji Tata established the Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) in the year 1907. One of the biggest and oldest steel producers in India. The… Read More
Humans have been hunter-gatherers for the majority of recorded history. They had a nomadic existence, travelling from place to place in search of resources, and… Read More
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a prominent Indian independence fighter who led a successful tax abolition campaign known as Bardoli Satyagraha in 1928. The campaign was… Read More
Mahatma Gandhi had a perception that English education has enslaved Indians as colonial education created a certain sense of inferiority in the minds of Indians… Read More
The import of high-quality and inexpensive cotton fabrics from India threatened England’s textile industries, particularly wool and silk, in the early 18th century. For ages,… Read More
The period between 1919-1948 is known as the “Gandhian Era” because of the initiatives which were taken by Mahatma Gandhi to attain independence for India… Read More
In 1765, the British East India Company acquired the Diwani rights from the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II. The Diwani rights were basically the right… Read More
Birsa’s vision of a golden age refers to the utopian vision and ideal society imagined by Birsa Munda, a 19th-century tribal leader and folk hero… Read More

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