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HCL Technologies is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company headquartered in Noida. It is a subsidiary of HCL Enterprise.Originally a research and… Read More
HCL Technologies visited our college in the second half of August 2022 to recruit for the position of Graduate Engineer Trainee(GET). It had 3 rounds.… Read More
Since it was an off-campus opportunity, I did not require taking any online assessment test. It started with the F2F online technical interview directly. Here’s… Read More
Hi, I recently attended the HCL Off-campus drive. There were three rounds. ROUND 1: Conducted Online  Aptitude (30 minutes): Problems on average, probability, time &… Read More
Hi Readers, Here is my HCL Technologies interview experience. I’m a Mechatronics engineering Student. Round 1(Online Test):  Test for Circuit Branches and Non-Technical Students is… Read More
Round 1: Online HackerRank test Time: 90 Min Aptitude (Time ,speed Distance ,Boats and Stream,clock,percentage,average) Java coding question based on regex operation Mysql Query to… Read More
Position: Programmer Analyst Trainee HCL conducted an on-campus drive which had a total of 2 rounds. Round 1(JAM Session): 20 members were called and were… Read More
The Recruitment Process has three rounds. Round 1: Telephonic Interview The interviewer introduced herself and informed me that this call is for checking your knowledge… Read More
First we have aptitude test as normal by other companies like Accenture, Wipro, TCS but difficulty level was low. Technical Interview: Starts with introduction Paradigms… Read More
I applied for HCL Grand Quest 2021 through their website. HCL Grand Quest is an event that is conducted by HCL first careers every year… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): I applied for the HCL recruitment off-campus on their website and received a mail regarding the HCL test on hackerrank. The test… Read More
I have 3 years of experienced C++ developer. So, I have attended HCL interview for the C++ developer role. There were three rounds for  Telephonic… Read More
Position: GET(Graduate Engineer Trainee) at HCL Technologies Location: PAN India Date: July 2020 Rounds: 2 Rounds(Technical +HR) Type: Off-Campus Result : Selected Platform Used: Microsoft… Read More
This is an HCL model placement paper on Logical Reasoning for placement preparation. This placement paper will cover logical reasoning questions that are asked in… Read More
This is an HCL model paper for Quantitative Aptitude. This placement paper will cover aptitude that is asked in HCL placements and also strictly follows… Read More

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